Presenting is the only dating site in the US to offer the revolutionary female-controlled formula. Women are empowered to choose who may or may not communicate with them, thus sparing them from unwelcome suitors –and sparing their male counterparts from typical rejection. Whether on the web or via mobile app, in North America or across the Atlantic, is a top dating destination for singles who are serious about dating.

Checkhimout Online DatingOur newest project is the revolutionary dating service that eradicates gender stereotypes in romantic relationships. Women are empowered to shop for male companions through an online man-market, where a catalogue of potential suitors is available to browse and evaluate. Eligible man-products are placed in a shopping bag and eventually checked out if deemed satisfactory. Blending the two iconic female pastimes of dating and shopping, offers women a harassment-free experience and offers men truly interested mates thanks to its female controlled structure. For more information, get in touch at

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